Why Blog?
A little while ago I moved into a new house, bringing with me a whole host of heavy items; guitars, books, computers and lots of photography equipment. Surprisingly, the heaviest box of all contained my photography work from university. My wife thought creating a digital home for some of my research would be better than letting it gather dust in the loft.

As a teenager I didn’t have any ambition to go to university. I lacked confidence in my ability academically and didn’t really consider myself to be a photographer even when Sarah gave me my first camera in 2007. I was encouraged to sign up for an evening class at Bournville College. It gave me enough of a taste of the darkroom to enroll on a Photography and Digital Imaging Foundation Degree with Liverpool John Moores University and in 2015 I obtained a BA (Hons) Photography with the University of Chester.

In complete contrast to my teenage years, I really enjoyed the process of researching different practitioners and techniques. I look forward to sharing some of my discoveries with you in the blog.

If you have stumbled across this page for the first time, please take a look at my website to see some of the work I am most pleased with.